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Today's world is complicated and trying to understand choices can be difficult, especially when a person is stressed by illness.  There are alternatives that can provide hope, relief, and in some cases, a cure, and PETALE Consultancy is committed to empowering people with knowledge of alternatives available to them! 

We believe every person has the right to know and understand the options and use that knowledge to make the decisions that are best for them and their families based on the quality of life they personally desire.
PETALE is an organization founded for People with serious illnesses and other health challenges to Empower them with knowledge about alternative therapy choices over traditional medicine so when you hear the words..."there is nothing more we can do", you can Take Action and control of your Life through Education and say..."I do have options! "

Empowering Your Life's Journey Through Educated Choices

A number of research studies have found that one in three patients routinely use alternative treatments but seven out of 10 users of alternative therapies do not tell their physicians. Complementary treatments are used more commonly among people diagnosed with chronic or life-threatening conditions. Patients with AIDS, cancer, and chronic mental-health illness often seek alternative treatments and practitioners because their conditions are not always adequately helped by conventional medicine.

1. Be prepared and do your leg work--- You may want to print out your findings and bring the paperwork with you to use as a starting point. Engage your doctor by asking his or her opinion on possible supplements or complementary therapies for the pain you're experiencing, for instance.

2. Ask how your doctor feels about Alternative Medicine---A lot has changed in medicine and many doctors are now open to alternative treatments and their role in your overall health but the only way to find out how your doctor feels is to ask.

3. Keep your options open. Once you've initiated the topic, if you feel your doctor is rude or unfairly dismissive of your ideas, you always have the option of getting a second opinion or finding another doctor. Remember, the choice is yours!  You can find healthcare providers who will be more receptive to newer treatment approaches and, in fact, already use them.

How Do I Talk to My Doctor About Alternative Therapy
My family doesn't want me to use alternative therapies, what do I do?
If I request a consult, can my family talk to you as well?
What is Complimentary and/or Alternative Therapy?
Complementary and alternative medicine, or CAM, is a category of medicine that includes a variety of treatment approaches that fall outside the realm of conventional medicine. It is important to understand the difference between complementary medicine and alternative medicine - the two approaches are often lumped together but are, in fact, distinct.

Complementary medicine refers to healing practices and products that work in conjunction with traditional medicine. For example, a cancer patient receiving chemotherapy may also undergo acupuncture to help manage chemo side effects like nausea and vomiting. Alternative medicine differs in that it is not used as a complement to, but rather as a substitute for traditional therapy. An example would be a cancer patient who forgoes recommended chemotherapy and instead chooses to treat the disease with specific dietary changes.
The last thing any of us want is for another person to judge us based on a misconception or stereotype. This is especially true for medical cannabis (marijuana) which has a stigma attached to it due to propaganda, false information and political agendas. As with anything, the more we educate ourselves and each other and keep an open mind to new perspectives, the more we learn and perceptions change. Keep communication channels open with your family, listen and discuss their concerns and fears. Remember also to share your feelings and fears with your family as well.  While the hope is a family will understand and be supportive, the ultimate choice should be yours.
Absolutely!  We highly encourage families, friends or any support system you may have to become involved and learn with you.  
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