Dr. Gerry Bedore, Ph.D., MBA, Co-President of Petale Consultancy
Gerry is widely known as a thought leader in technology-enhanced learning models. He
was a co-founder of Socrates Distance Learning Technology Group, and has published
studies and books focused on online student success and completion rates. Gerry is
recognized as having developed many of the most successful higher education online
programs in the world.

As a horticulturist for the State of Georgia, Gerry was recognized for his expertise in
entomology and pathology in the care of plant life in the state. He has authored one
book, co-authored two books, and has served as a research chair and committee
member for more than 200 studies in education, psychology and business disciplines.

Gerry served in roles ranging from institutional president to assistant dean for doctoral
programs. He served as a member of the Cannabis Career Institute (CCI), is involved with
cannabis and hemp agricultural development with multiple organizations, has served as
an expert witness for multiple state legislators, has served as a Chief Science Officer for
multiple companies, and is a U.S. disabled veteran.
Lisa Robinson, MSHI, RN, BSN, CCM, CHCQM, FAIHQ, Co-President of Petale Consultancy

Lisa is currently working as a clinical consultant within the health care industry for physicians, nurses and several major health insurance companies across the nation. Lisa has worked as a registered nurse, case manager, and educator for health care professionals for greater than 25 years in addition to serving as an executive leader within the Workers’ Compensation Industry.  Lisa also served as Director of Warm Springs Hyperbaric Unit, Director of Nursing for 50+ bed nursing home, and Home Health agency. Lisa has extensive experience in evidence based treatment guidelines, regulatory and accreditation environments, health care quality, professional credentialing and clinical decision software tools.

Receiving her Masters in Health Informatics and currently in her doctoral program for Health Care administration, Lisa’s current focus is working with health care professionals and consumers to provide medical cannabis education. Lisa continues to serve as an advocate for patients’ who are facing health challenges and working to empower them with choices so they can make health care decisions based on the quality of life they desire and deserve.

Highly engaged in educating the medical community on cannabinoid-based medicines, and to provide guidance and resources to those in need, Lisa teaches and develops courses for all aspects of medical cannabis at the first U.S. University to receive approval through the Department of Higher Education and has published several articles on medical challenges faced by patients. Lisa has recently co-authored a paper with Dr. Bedore on patients’ responses to cannabinoid therapy. Lisa and Dr. Bedore are currently working on a book on the practical applications of medicinal cannabis based on the science.

PETALE is an organization founded for People with serious illnesses and other health challenges to Empower them with knowledge about alternative therapy choices over traditional medicine so when you hear the words..."there is nothing more we can do", you can Take Action and control of your Life through Education and say..."I do have options! "

Empowering Your Life's Journey Through Educated Choices
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Key Team Members
Sherri, Director of Clinical Services

Sherri has been a Registered Nurse (RN) since 2006. In her 11 years as a nurse, Sherri has worked in oncology, cardiovascular intensive care, and emergency medicine.

Sherri earned an Associate Degree in Applied Science from University of Kentucky in 2006. As she gained experience as a nurse, she served on a Research Committee, Wound Care Committee, Unit Diabetes Educator, Shared Governance, and Quality Improvement at Rex Hospital. She furthered her studies and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2015 from University of North Carolina Wilmington, and became a Certified Emergency Nurse in 2016.

Sherri has found her passion in alternative medicine, homeopathy and naturopathy. Working for PETALE enables her to have intimate contact with patients and satisfies her desire to teach and support them through some of their most challenging life experiences. Sherri believes that no two patients’ situations are alike and having the ability to provide individualized care is what makes Petale Consultancy unique. 
Edward, Consultant to PETALE for Nutrition and Food Science

Managing Director and Owner of Catalyst International LLC, Edward is a Marketing and Business Development professional with experience in the life sciences, natural health, and agriculture industries.

Born in the US and raised in Peru, Edward returned to the US for higher education. He attended Iowa State University and received a B.S. in Biology and a M.S. in Food Science. Afterwards, wanting to complement his scientific education with business, he attended Purdue University where he earned his MBA. During his college years, Edward taught courses in Spanish and Food Microbiology.

He proceeded to work in different marketing positions which entailed having a deep scientific understanding of the products and/or services. His scientific and business knowledge helped him successfully develop and implement business plans, new business opportunities, and strategic and tactical marketing programs, including integrative product branding, communications, and market research. Additionally, as General Manager for a life science start-up, he also directed R&D, coordinated manufacturing and operations, as well as overseeing profit and loss management.

For the past 5 years, Edward has provided marketing and business development services, including brand identity and communications, market research, international market access, regulatory affairs, and translation services.