PETALE Consultancy is an organization founded to educate those suffering from serious illnesses and other health challenges to understand they do have options and hope, even when you hear the words "there is nothing more we can do".  We are committed to help you navigate the mass information, understand your unique needs and empower you with the knowledge so you can make decisions best for you.

Why are we called PETALE

The name PETALE represents a holistic approach to helping a person in a caring, loving and gentle manner become whole again. A flower with all the petals would represent a whole person and the missing petals would represent an illness that is preventing them from being completely whole. 

Empower Your Life Journey

There are alternatives that can provide hope, relief, and in some cases, a cure, and PETALE Consultancy is committed to empowering people with knowledge of alternatives available to them!

P=People E=Empowered T=Take  A=Action for L=Life through E=Education.

PETALE is an organization founded for People with serious illnesses and other health challenges to Empower them with knowledge about alternative therapy choices over traditional medicine so when you hear the words..."there is nothing more we can do", you can Take Action and control of your Life through Education and say..."I do have options! "

Empowering Your Life's Journey Through Educated Choices
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