Empowering Your Life's Journey Through Educated Choices
PETALE is an organization founded for People with serious illnesses and other health challenges to Empower them with knowledge about alternative therapy choices over traditional medicine so when you hear the words..."there is nothing more we can do", you can Take Action and control of your Life through Education and say..."I do have options! "

We want to help you understand there are alternatives to traditional medicine that can provide hope, relief, improved quality of life and in some cases, a cure.
Many of the patients requesting our help had been told by the medical community that no other options through traditional medical channels existed. In some cases, the patient's only had weeks to live.  However, several of those patients today are living productive, happy lives months and years later with diagnosis such as, Stage IV Breast Cancer, Liver Cancer, Brain Cancer, Skin Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer and many other serious health challenges. 

While there are no guarantee's in life...there are choices and above all hope!

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